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Midwifery Services

Home Birth

We offer prenatal visits in our office and at your home. Prenatal visits with your midwives include prenatal nutritional analysis and support, check-in on emotional health and stress level, and overall monitoring of your pregnancy. Labs are conducted in our office while ultrasounds and prenatal screenings are referred to other offices. Labs, ultrasounds and screenings are not included as part of our birth packages.

Homebirth in San Fernando Valley with midwife, Los Angeles
Newborn Exam

You can expect the most compassionate and loving newborn exam performed by the midwife  within about an hour of his or her arrival. Offering the same quality and family-centric approach touted along with midwife-assisted home birth we weigh your baby and take his vitals in the most comprehensive yet gentle ways possible.

Home water birth with Shelia Feldman, midwife.
Water Birth

We offer the use of a birth tub as an effective comfort measure during labor and to facilitate a more gentle entry for your baby. A large, inflatable tub will be brought to your home on your birthing day.


Our preventative approach to prenatal care includes nutritional counseling and tools to manage your emotional health. We are Neonatal Resuscitation Certified and offer Red Cross first aid and CPR classes as an addition to the information about the labor and birth process you will receive as part of our birth packages.  Our educational approach enhances each prenatal appointment and is a distinguishing mark of midwifery care.


“I first met Shelia when I was 34 weeks pregnant, scared and apprehensive about giving birth in today's hospital settings. She was patient, considerate, and with surmounting support. Despite presenting late in my prenatal care and switching from an Ob to the midwifery model of care, she took me and unborn child into her open arms and treated me as family. The prenatal care was worlds above what I was experiencing with my doctor, and she even made arrangements to give my partner and me a 'crash course' on the Bradley Method for natural birth. My home birth experience was something I will cherish forever. I felt safe, relaxed, and prepared. I do not know how I could have made it through the process without her. I am a family physician who also cares for obstetric patients. I can say with confidence that Shelia is highly educated and an expert at the art of midwifery. She is highly professional and equally personal and reliable. She is an excellent provider, teacher, and now friend that I would recommend to all women seeking doula and midwifery services.”

- Juli La Rocca, M.D. and baby Zulei

Family birthday 6/6/15

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