We offer midwifery care for home births in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.  We help families experience a  safe, calm, peaceful, and respectful environment both during their prenatal appointments as well as supporting and protecting space for the  transformational event of their birth. 

Lotus Moon Birth offers home birth services which includes birth tubs for water births.  Laboring and birthing in water helps to alleviate discomfort as well as encourage deep relaxation and peace.

Monitrice/Doula Services


Doulas serve pregnant women- educating them and their partners in the processes and patterns of labor and birth.  They assist birthing women with comfort as they labor, help initiate breastfeeding, and support new families in their postpatum period.  Doulas assist women in both home and hospital births.

A licensed midwife can perform the skills of an experienced, trained, doula as well as monitor the mother's health, listen to and evaluate the fetal heart tones, and perform vaginal exams to help the couple decide when to go to the hospital.

Lactation Consultant Services

Lactation consultants assist nursing parents with breast/chest feeding issues, extending the amount of time the baby is nourished with beneficial human milk.

Office hours

Mon - Fri    10am - 6pm

    Phone    424 BABY 4U2



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